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How Companies use Metabase

How Companies use Metabase

Metabase can be used in a variety of ways, ranging from an easy-to-install interface to run SQL queries when you’re a solo engineer starting a new project, to a company-wide business intelligence system. We’ve been talking to a number of happy users of Metabase, and will be cataloging their usage. Read on below to learn what kinds of data Metabase can be used with, what kinds of questions are commonly answered using Metabase and the variety of industries Metabase is being used across.

Case Studies


    • Alien Labs uses Metabase with their application database and interaction event data
    • Engineers use Metabase’s SQL interface while their designer and product person uses the GUI query builder and reuses SQL reports.
    • Commonly asked questions include
      • “What were the most active users?”
      • “What commands did they run?”
      • Looking up customers’ activity when they call into support with a problem.
  • Anghami

    • Anghami uses Metabase to understand their data about user profiles, subscriptions and music streams.
    • Metabase is used across most of the company — Exec’s, Marketing, Advertising, Content, Financial, BizDev, Web Engineering and Backend Engineering all use it.
    • Commonly asked questions include
      • “How many listeners did artist X reach last month?”
      • “How many subscriptions did we sell last month?”
      • “How many plays did the new release from artist X get in its first day?”
      • “Who are the currently trending artists?”
  • N26

    • N26 uses a data warehouse with application and interaction data
    • Metabase is used across the company — BizDev, Operations, Product Management, Design and other departments
    • Commonly asked questions include
      • “How many credit cards were reordered last month?”
      • “How many accounts were opened in July?”
      • “What were the top performing marketing campaigns this summer?”
  • PaperCut

    • PaperCut uses Metabase to analyze order and license subscription data
    • Metabase is used across the company — by Engineering, Sales and Marketing
    • Commonly asked questions include
      • “How many device licenses did we sell in each region?”
      • “What percentage of printers sold in the US have PaperCut installed?”
      • “Who was our top reseller in Europe last year?”
  • SYNQ

    • SYNQ uses Metabase to analyze their video API usage and activity.
    • The developers use the flexible SQL interface, while Sales and Marketing use predefined questions or the GUI query builder.
    • Commonly asked questions include
      • “How many videos were uploaded the last 30 days?”
      • “What is the number of uploaded videos per user the last 24 hours?”
      • “What is the average video transcoding time the last 24 hours? “
      • “How many Webhook requests have failed the last 24 hours?”