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Hosted Metabase

Jul 26, 2019 by The Metabase team

Since we launched back in 2015, Metabase has been one of the easiest analytics and BI systems to host yourself. We’ve worked hard to make it easy to install, upgrade and maintain.

Offering up Metabase as an open source application you host yourself has allowed us to be used by companies who are especially security conscious or in highly regulated industries. You can audit our code, build your own binaries, and firewall us to your heart’s content.

When we started the project we hoped that in the next few years, the ecosystem of cloud providers would make it trivial to offer a docker image, offer upgrades, and easily attach a persistent datastore for users’ accounts, dashboards, etc (what we call our “application database” in the docs). We figured that the world was moving this way, and it made no sense to offer a hosted version of Metabase. If the world was going to make it trivial to offer a Container As A Service (with managed updates, troubleshooting, etc.), why get in the way of history? We also underestimated how widely Metabase would spread past the core group of ops-savvy data world.

Since then, we’ve both received a lot of demand (several emails a week or more) asking about a hosted version of Metabase, and the container ecosystem has yet to produce an easy to use Container As A Service offering. So…

We’re going to offer a hosted version of Metabase. We’ll be rolling out a beta this summer, and plan to enter General Availability later this fall.

The beta is aimed at companies that are already using Metabase and are happy with it, but don’t want to deal with the care and feeding of YetAnotherSystem. If you’re interested, please fill out the survey. If you’re a good fit for the program, we’ll get in touch and let you know the details.

Questions you should be asking:

(AKA Frequently Asked Questions)

Will you do what every other Open Source project does and make it a pain to self-host so you can drive up hosting revenue?

No. We still believe that, in an ideal world, self-hosting your analytics infrastructure makes it easier to deal with security, compliance (whether PCI, HIPPA or GDPR), and that your BI workloads should live near your data. That said, the world is imperfect and that is not always possible or the best choice for a given company.

Will this be free?

No. Our Ops engineers have to eat, and servers cost money so a hosted version of Metabase will also cost money.

Will you be offering the Enterprise Edition features on a hosted basis?

Yes, we’ll be offering a number of feature tiers, including the Enterprise Edition features.