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Introducing Learn Metabase

Dec 15, 2020 by The Metabase team

Ever since Metabase launched, one of our primary aims was to cultivate a helpful, encouraging, and knowledgeable community around the product. Our discussion forum, GitHub community, and even Twitter have become places where you’ve helped and inspired each other, and where we’ve done our best to provide guidance and help as well.

In that same spirit, we’re excited to introduce Learn Metabase, a destination filled with courses, articles, and videos on a range of topics, all meant to help you get even more out of Metabase.

Compared to our documentation, Learn Metabase is more focused on teaching you how to weave different features together to accomplish larger things, as well as giving you general advice on “doing data.” In Learn, you’ll find help on subjects ranging from installing and getting started, building richer dashboards, to guidance on scaling Metabase, and how to avoid common analytics pitfalls.

We’ll be steadily adding more articles, videos, and courses over time, but we’d also love to hear from all of you. We see this as an opportunity to learn from the community. What are best practices or vital bits of advice you think other Metabase users should know about? What have you learned about analytics in general or Metabase in particular that should be shared? Are there any interesting or unexpectedly useful ways you’ve seen Metabase used? If you have thoughts you’d like to share on the above or anything else, please give us your thoughts here!

We’re excited to hear what you think, and we hope this new resource will help you to continue learning Metabase and get even more value from it.

Cheers, The Metabase team