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Metabase 0.16 - A dash of bots

Mar 29, 2016 by Kyle Doherty

It’s that time again. In keeping with our commitment to give you new presents once a month, your friendly neighborhood Metabase team is excited to present you with…

Fullscreen (and fabulous) dashboards

  • Dashboards have gotten a major overhaul to make them easier to read, better looking and much less of a pain to arrange.
  • Questions update as you resize them to make sure your data looks good no matter how big or small it is on a dashboard.
  • While we were at it we figured why not add fullscreen mode and auto refresh? Fire up your Metabase on a TV or large monitor and see how good your data looks (and it’ll look even better in night mode). We use this to make it easy to keep up to date on metrics throughout the day.

Say hello to Metabot in Slack

If your team has pulses set up, you’re already used to getting data from Metabase in your Slack, but thanks to Metabot you can get the latest results from your saved questions whenever you need them without having to leave Slack. Once you’ve upgraded, just type “metabot” in Slack to see what you can do.

​ There’s also the usual bucket of bug fixes and small tweaks.

As always let us know what you think after upgrading, and thanks so much for using Metabase!

You can download the new version of Metabase at