Cypress uses Metabase for data-driven decision-making.

The Challenge: Cypress needed a tool for querying, visualizing, and sharing data across the company. They wanted everyone at their company to be able to do their own analytics so that the data team could focus on more complex projects.

The Solution: Cypress adopted Metabase as their all-in-one data tool. They connect Metabase to their data warehouse and provide all their teams with access to their core application data, integration data, and event data.

The Results: With Metabase, Cypress got true self-service analytics for their entire organization, across product, engineering, finance, sales, and success teams. Each team can explore and monitor data efficiently, empowering data-driven decision-making. Metabase’s “Official Collection” feature played a significant role in supporting reliable reporting, letting teams know which dashboards were reliable and actively maintained.

"We had initially used Looker as our first-class tool for official reporting, and Metabase as our repository for all the ad hoc queries and one-off questions. Eventually, we realized we could make Metabase work for everything. "
Sarah McCuan
Senior Data Analyst at Cypress

Why Metabase?

The Cypress team needed a tool that would allow everyone at the company to access, query, visualize, and share their data, for both curated datasets and replicated source data. With a highly technical team, Cypress wanted a solution that would give everyone the ability to do their own analytics, so that the data team could focus on more complex data projects.

The data

Data in Cypress’s data warehouse includes their core app data, data from various integrations like Salesforce and Chargebee, and event data from Pendo and Amplitude.

How Cypress teams use Metabase

Everyone in Cypress has access to Metabase. They have about 8 Metabase power users, and about 12 to 18 more who will occasionally build a visualization or run a query. As of now, the Cypress team uses mostly SQL for asking questions.

Cypress’s data team uses Metabase most of all, and 95% of what they do is production rather than consumption. Next comes the Product team - that’s mostly due to their very technical founder, who demands that decisions are supported by data. Before they start any new initiatives, the product team ensures existing metrics are available.

Favorite Features

  1. The search feature helps them discover existing questions on a topic (and avoid redundant explorations).

  2. The “Official Collection” feature serves as a clear signal that key dashboards aren’t arbitrary artifacts of the past. Cypress makes sure that items in official collections are actively maintained and reliable.

  3. Drill-through. People like exploring data derived from “official” datasets and visualizations. For example, when presented with a list of customers by month, people can click through to explore the data, slicing and dicing it in different ways, without worrying about breaking anything.

The results

Metabase has improved Cypress’s data analysis and reporting capabilities. Cypress was able to connect its databases and provide access for everyone to easily explore and share data.

The technical teams at Cypress can now focus on complex projects while other employees perform their own data analysis. Metabase became an all-in-one data tool for Cypress where they can analyze different types of data, such as application and event data.

Overall, Metabase has become Cypress’s preferred solution, offering a unified platform for data access, exploration, and reporting, resulting in a truly self-service analytics culture within the company.

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