Fabulous builds an efficient system of business reporting within the company with Metabase.

The Challenge: Since the creation of their data department, Fabulous knew they needed to encourage efficient collaboration between their departments. Before using Metabase, the Fabulous team relied on screenshots, raw queries, or heavy analysis notebooks to share between their teams.

The Solution: One of the Fabulous co-founders knew Metabase and suggested it to the Head of the Data team. After evaluation, Fabulous realized that Metabase would provide them with all the tools they’d need to make decision-making and sharing internal insights easy and convenient.

The Results: With the help of Metabase, the Fabulous team managed to build an efficient system of reporting and sharing insights between teams. Currently, their data team acts as the main user of the tool, while other teams consume reports.

"My personal Aha Moment was: “Wow, Metabase is a really cool and user-friendly visualization tool that integrates smoothly into our data-stack. I no longer need to share screenshots from my R and jupyter notebooks. This is amazing! "
Ahmed Omrane
Head of Analytics and Data at Fabulous

Why Metabase?

As soon as the first data team members joined in early 2021, they realized that they needed a better way to collaborate between departments. The Fabulous team was looking for a self-service tool with user-friendly UX to easily share and document analyses.

The co-founders of Fabulous noticed that Metabase could be an effective piece to add to their data stack. Their Head of Analytics and Data evaluated it and was convinced that it would bring value. He realized that Metabase could quickly get them to useful dashboards (monitoring, alerting, business) that wouldn’t require extra engineering to get rolled out.

The data

Fabulous’ data resides mostly in BigQuery. In Metabase, they use raw data that is synced in BigQuery using Fivetran, staged tested and processed data, downstream analytics data/tables used for business reporting, features for ML, and statistics about the users.

How the Fabulous team uses Metabase

From the very beginning, the Fabulous team didn’t want to manage the Open Source version of Metabase, and therefore went ahead with the Cloud version. More than anything, they use Metabase to quickly and easily share insights between their teams. Some of this ad hoc analysis eventually becomes useful for long-term purposes, like alerting, monitoring, or long-term dashboards.

The members of Fabulous’ data team are the most frequent users of Metabase, usually using SQL to query their data. With Metabase, they unveil patterns, find insights, build visual reports, write queries, and share answers with the team.

The results

For the Fabulous team, Metabase improved collaboration efficiency, enabled quick and easy-to-use dashboards, and provided a knowledge base for all their analyses.

At some point, some members of the Fabulous Growth team started exploring the raw sources themselves, and now ask fewer ad hoc questions of the data team. This has opened the door to tackle deeper, more impactful questions and projects.

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