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Data Bytes

Real stories about teams working and learning with data.

  • Metrics

    Forecasting your product virality with the K-Factor

    When you’re working at a company that has micro-networks (like different markets for something like Uber), a referral program might be th...

    photo of Ruslan Nazarenko

    Contributed by
    Ruslan Nazarenko

  • Data Modeling

    How to ensure your data model changes don’t make the world explode

    A bead of sweat ran down my forehead as I moved my trembling finger over the button. I’m not an army general who was about to launch a n...

    photo of Kim Streich

    Contributed by
    Kim Streich

  • Data Strategy

    Know what you're measuring before you start measuring

    We work with a number of clients who know that they need to measure (quantify) how they’re doing but they don’t really know where to star...

    photo of TJ Muehleman

    Contributed by
    TJ Muehleman

  • Data Culture

    Setting up Metabase for success within your organization

    In this story, I would like to highlight the importance of offering a great user experience to your data stakeholders. Having an intuitiv...

    photo of George Visniuc

    Contributed by
    George Visniuc

  • Enabling Self-Service Analytics

    Making Product Data Accessible, Fast

    Our team was launching a brand new, integrated hardware & software product. With so many different components of the system, contribu...

    photo of Will Sanderson

    Contributed by
    Will Sanderson

  • Enabling Self-Service Analytics

    Metabase for Shopify Merchants

    I work with merchants who use the Shopify platform to sell online, among other tools for analytics and testing. Working with merchants wh...

    photo of Harshdeep Hura

    Contributed by
    Harshdeep Hura

  • Data Strategy

    Data Driven Product Management

    As a growing start-up, managing a Product team at first is a matter of using intuition and domain knowledge. But when your product start...

    photo of Victor Bolu

    Contributed by
    Victor Bolu

  • Data Vizualization

    UX principles for beautiful dashboards

    When I start a new task I often look for inspiration on DataViz blogs with lots of colorful and motley dashboards and visualizations. But...

    photo of Daria Goncharenko

    Contributed by
    Daria Goncharenko

  • Enabling Self-Service Analytics

    Exploiting data to deliver trustworthy metrics

    We developed a product aimed at construction professionals, it helps them dematerialize the management of their contracts. Working in a d...

    photo of Frédéric Vion

    Contributed by
    Frédéric Vion

  • Data Culture

    Choose boring data technology

    If you’re working on a small product (perhaps you recently quit your job to become a startup founder), you might be better off using your...

    photo of Jacob O’Bryant

    Contributed by
    Jacob O’Bryant

  • Data Careers

    Engage your business leads with great questions

    The best data analysts with whom I’ve worked have one thing in common. They ask great questions. This curiosity leads business leaders to...

    photo of Rob Glickman

    Contributed by
    Rob Glickman

  • Data Strategy

    Rule-Based Recommendations

    My previous team was building out a new onboarding flow and hit a point where we wanted to do cool things around personalization and reco...

    photo of Conor Dewey

    Contributed by
    Conor Dewey

  • Data Culture

    Anticipating the next click

    As a data analyst and creator of countless visualizations, I always get asked by curious users “what happened there?”. Whether be it a sp...

    photo of Ukrit Wattanavaekin

    Contributed by
    Ukrit Wattanavaekin