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Connect Metabase to your MySQL database, and have your team exploring, visualizing, and publishing in five minutes.

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Using MySQL with Metabase

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What is MySQL?

MySQL is a free and open-source Relational Database Management System (RDBMS) that’s been around (and improving) since the mid-90s, and it’s a go-to database for many Metabasers. It’s usually used as an OLTP database—it’s part of the LAMP stack (Linux Apache MySQL PhP)—though you can also use it for analytical workloads. It supports multiple storage engines, full-text indexing, replication support, and more. It has extensive documentation, which makes it easy to work with, and also has an improved fork known as MariaDB that adds some additional features.

How to Connect MySQL to Metabase

Setting up MySQL with Metabase takes about five minutes. But if you want to learn more about using MySQL with Metabase, check out our documentation.

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