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Connect PostgreSQL to Metabase

Connect Metabase to your PostgreSQL database, and have your team exploring, visualizing, and publishing in five minutes.

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Using PostgreSQL with Metabase

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What is PostgreSQL?

The self-proclaimed “World’s most advanced Open Source Relational Database” does, in fact, have bragging rights. It’s been around for thirty years, and has been improving that entire time. Postgres is a battle-hardened database that can work well as a transactional database, and arguably as an analytical database as well. If you can only have one database for everything, both your app and analytics, Postgres should be on your list of options.

How to Connect PostgreSQL to Metabase

Setting up PostgreSQL with Metabase takes about five minutes. But if you want to learn more about using PostgreSQL with Metabase, check out our documentation.

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