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v0.39.2 / Administration Guide / Snowflake

Connecting to Snowflake

Here are some gotchas to look out for when connecting to Snowflake:

  • Account vs. Region fields. The Account field requires only the alphanumeric account ID. Enter the suffixes indicating region and cloud provider in the Region ID field below. For example, if the Snowflake account URL is then the Account would be az12345 and the Region ID would be

  • The Role and Schema fields are optional. Specifying a role will override the database user’s default role. For example, if the database user is REPORTER with default role REPORTER, but the user also has access to role REPORTERPRODUCT, then filling in REPORTERPRODUCT in the Role field will ensure that the REPORTERPRODUCT role is used instead of the user’s default REPORTER role. If no schema is passed, then all schema available to that user and role will be listed as folders in the Metabase UI.

  • All other fields must be entered in upper case. Excluding the password.