Random utilty endpoints for things that don’t belong anywhere else in particular, e.g. endpoints for certain admin page tasks.

GET /api/util/bug_report_details

Returns version and system information relevant to filing a bug report against Metabase.

GET /api/util/diagnostic_info/connection_pool_info

Returns database connection pool info for the current Metabase instance.

GET /api/util/logs


GET /api/util/random_token

Return a cryptographically secure random 32-byte token, encoded as a hexadecimal string. Intended for use when creating a value for embedding-secret-key.

GET /api/util/stats

Anonymous usage stats. Endpoint for testing, and eventually exposing this to instance admins to let them see what is being phoned home.

POST /api/util/password_check

Endpoint that checks if the supplied password meets the currently configured password complexity rules.


  • password password is too common.

POST /api/util/product-feedback

Endpoint to provide feedback from the product.


  • comments nullable value must be a non-blank string.

  • source value must be a non-blank string.

  • email nullable value must be a non-blank string.

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