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v0.41 / Developers Guide / Internationalization


We are an application with lots of users all over the world. To help them use Metabase in their own language, we mark all of our strings as i18n.

Adding new strings:

If you need to add new strings (try to be judicious about adding copy) do the following:

  1. Tag strings in the frontend using t and jt ES6 template literals (see more details in
const someString = t`Hello ${name}!`;
const someJSX = <div>{jt`Hello ${name}`}</div>;

and in the backend using trs (to use the site language) or tru (to use the current User’s language):

(trs "Hello {0}!" name)

Translation errors or missing strings

If you see incorrect or missing strings for your language, please visit our POEditor project and submit your fixes there.