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v0.43 / Enterprise Guide / Whitelabeling

White labeling Metabase


White labeling

This feature is only available on Pro and Enterprise plans (both self-hosted and on Metabase Cloud).

White labeling lets you customize the way Metabase looks so that it matches your company’s branding. Go to the Admin Panel and click on the White Labeling section to start customizing things. Here’s what you can do:

Change the name of the application

You can change every place in the app that says “Metabase” to something like “Acme Analytics,” or whatever you want to call your Metabase app.

You can replace Metabase’s familiar, tasteful, inspired-yet-not-threateningly-avant-garde dotted M logo with your very own. For things to work best, the logo you upload should be an SVG file that looks good when it’s around 60px tall. (In other words, ask the nearest designer for help.)

Change the color palette

You can customize the colors that Metabase uses throughout the app:

  • Primary color: by default, this is the lovely blue that is used for the nav bar, links, buttons, and more.
  • Nav bar color: you can optionally specify a separate color for the nav bar; otherwise it defaults to the Primary color.
  • Accent colors: these are the colors that are used for some icons, secondary buttons, elements of the graphical query builder, and chart colors.
  • Additional chart colors: as the name implies, these are additional colors that are included in the charting options to give your lines, bars, and pie slices some extra pizazz.

To learn more, check out this article on branding your Metabase instance.

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