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v0.39.0.1 / FAQ / Supported Browsers

Browser Support

Which browsers does Metabase support?

We try our best to make sure Metabase works in as many browsers as possible but as this is the internet, there may be little quirks from time to time in different settings. Here are the browsers and major supported versions we know Metabase will work on (and will attempt to fix browser specific bugs on if found).

  • Chrome (v 70+)
  • Internet Explorer 11. (Note: we’ll be dropping support for IE11 in Metabase 0.40. It’ll likely still work, but you may see some unexpected behavior.)
  • Firefox (v68+)
  • Microsoft Edge (17+)
  • Safari (v11+)

Metabase may run perfectly fine on older versions of your browser of choice or a specific browser not listed above, but your mileage may vary. We always recommend you use the most up to date browser you can.