Overview of premium features

Metabase’s Enterprise and Pro plans provide additional features that help organizations scale Metabase and deliver self-service, embedded analytics.

Setting up

Metabase Pro is hosted, so you should already be setup with all the paid features, but you may have to activate a Metabase Enterprise edition to access all the features.


Paid plans include more ways to authenticate people and manage groups.


Paid plans include more ways to manage permissions, including data sandboxing, which brings row and column-level permissions to Metabase.


You can embed all of Metabase in your app.

Dashboard subscription customization

Send different groups of people the contents of the dashboard with different filters applied. You only need to maintain one dashboard, which you can use to send results relevant to each subscriber.

Restrict which domains people can send alerts and subscriptions to

As an additional security layer, you can whitelist domains, which restricts people from sending alerts and subscriptions to email addresses that don’t use an approved domain.

Official collections

You can mark certain collections as official, which helps people find your most important questions, dashboards, and models.

Question moderation

People can ask administrators to verify their questions and models.

Advanced caching controls

All Metabase editions include global caching controls. Paid plans includes additional caching options that let you control caching for individual questions.


See how people are using your Metabase.

Admin tools

See which queries are failing to help keep your Metabase tidy.


You can export Metabase application data and use that to spin up new instances preloaded with questions, dashboards, and collections.

Configuration file

For self-hosted installations, you can load Metabase from a configuration file.

Read docs for other versions of Metabase.

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