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v0.41 / Troubleshooting Guide

What are you having trouble with?

This page collects resources for getting you unstuck.

Troubleshooting guides

Problems, their causes, how to detect them, and how to fix them.

Using Metabase

Setup and administration

Think you found a bug?

Let us know by filing a bug report.

Metabase server and console logs

Metabase will log errors, both on the server and in the browser console, depending on where the error occurs, which can help you track down an issue. Administrators will have access to the server logs, and everyone with a browser can open the developer tools to see the console logs.

Accessing the Metabase server logs: You can look for the logs that Metabase leaves on the server’s file system (or wherever else you collect logs). If you’re logged into Metabase with an Admin account, you can also access the logs by clicking on the gears icon in the top right of the main nav, selecting Admin, clicking on the Troubleshooting tab, then viewing the Logs tab. Check out How to read the server logs.

Checking for Javascript console errors: Metabase will send debugging information and errors to your browser’s developer console. To open the developer console, follow the instructions for your web browser:

Metabase tutorials

For tutorials that walk you through how to use Metabase features, check out Learn Metabase.

Metabase forum

To see if someone else has run into a similar issue, check out our forum on Discourse.

Frequently asked questions

For quick answers to common questions, check out our Frequently Asked Questions.

Upgrading Metabase

Metabase adds new features and squashes bugs with each release. Upgrading to the latest and greatest may resolve your issue. If you’re using Metabase Cloud, we’ll handle the upgrades for you. You can checkout the release notes to see what’s new.