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v0.23.1 / Table of Contents

In-depth Guides

Users Guide

This is the go-to guide on asking questions and sharing answers using Metabase. You’ll learn in depth about how questions are expressed, how to chart answers, as well as how to share questions and create dashboards.

Admin Guide

This guide is for advanced users and those who will be setting up and maintaining a Metabase installation. You’ll learn how to set the instance up, how to configure common settings, how to manage user accounts, and how to add databases. You’ll also learn how to troubleshoot common problems with both Metabase as well as underlying databases or data warehouses it uses.

Operations Guide

This guide contains more detailed information about how to install Metabase for production use. It covers topics like SSL termination, deploying via Docker Containers vs. Jars, as well as the tradeoffs involved.

For Developers

Developers Guide

This guide covers how to contribute back to the Metabase open source project. It includes setting up a development environment, running tests, and the contribution and product process Metabase follows.


Anonymous Information Collection Reference

This describes the anonymous usage information we collect (if you opt-in) as well as why we collect it and the ways we use it.