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Embedding Metabase in your Application

The ease of metabase in your own app

  • Power in-app analytics without needing to write any SQL
  • Provide Application-wide Reports and dashboards
  • Provide Per-User, Per-Account, etc Reports and Dashboards

Iterate on your analytics.

Build at your own pace, fix mistakes, and even deploy entirely new analytics experiences without ever writing code. Embeds get managed and instantly updated through the Metabase interface.

Fully secure

Signed embeds make sure people can only access the data you specify which means you can create one dashboard and give each user their own analytics experience.


  • Branded

    100% free

    Embeds that show the Metabase logo are full featured and completely free.

  • Premium (Unbranded)


    Full license to use unbranded Metabase embeds, perfect for in-app analytics

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