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Frequently asked questions about Metabase Enterprise

What license is the Enterprise Edition released under?

The Metabase commercial license

Is the Metabase Enterprise Edition Open Source?

No. While we make the source available, and you can make and deploy modifications, the Metabase Commercial License is not an OSI approved license.

Which edition should I use if I want to embed Metabase in my application?

If you only want simple dashboards and charts, use our premium embedding edition

If you want to embed our query builder or have click-through in the embedded charts and dashboards, our enterprise edition has you covered.

How can I see what’s new in the Enterprise Edition?

Check out our release notes here.

Do you ever see my data?

No, we never see your data. If you opt into sharing anonymous stats with us, we will phone home information about how you are using the Metabase application. However, we never see or transmit the actual data, specific queries or any other sensitive information.

Is this a hosted service?

Not at this time. Metabase is super easy to run however, and can be run on Heroku or other managed hosting providers. Try it out yourself.

Will it scale?

The answer to that is “it depends”. In general, for most embedded SaaS applications a single Metabase server on a decently provisioned host should scale just fine. Especially slow data warehouses, large queries, or high numbers of concurrent users might require specific tuning. Metabase can cache data warehouse queries, can take advantage of an external cache, and offers a number of way to optimize performance.

Can I embed Metabase charts in my on-premise software product?

Yes, you can. Our pricing is per-server. If you have a large number of on-premise deployments please contact us.

Do I need to know SQL to generate reports I can embed in my application?

No, you can embed reports built in our easy to use graphical interface (see our documentation for examples)

Do I need to know how to code to embed Metabase charts in an application?

Yes. While you can embed public dashboards and questions anywhere HTML is allowed, for secure embedding, you will need to integrate us with your backend server. You can see examples of this here.

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