Blog Post Examples

One of the most powerful things you can do when sharing howto posts is giving the reader an environment they can follow along in.

This document proposes a way that this could be done for our dear blog readers with a combination of pre-populated H2 databases and Docker.


We should be able to make it as simple as spinning up a Docker container for the reader to login to.

docker run metabase/blog:cross-filtering


Getting Started

First, fire up a shiny new Metabase.

# Create a directory for our example databases if it doesn't exist already
mkdir example_dbs

# Change into this directory - we want to run docker build from here, otherwise we send the entire blog directory to Docker
cd example_dbs

# Spin up Metabase with the desired version!
docker run -p 3000:3000 --network metabae --name metabase metabase/metabase:v0.37.0.2

Then create some dashboards and whatnot. We’ll also configure our Metabase instance using the Metabase Configurator from success-engineering

docker run --rm --name configurator --network metabae \
  -e MB_HOSTNAME=metabase \
  -e \

When you’re done, shut down your Docker image.

Preparing your demo container

docker cp metabase:/metabase.db/ ./

_Note the VARIANT variable that specifies the version so this example will always be in sync with the blog post`

docker build -t mb_blog_crossfilter . --build-arg VARIANT=v0.37.0.2

Let’s see if it worked!

docker run --rm -p 3535:3000 --name mb_blog_whatwhat mb_blog_crossfilter

That’s it! It worked! 🎃

Remove your blog container if you’re all done

docker rm metabase

Push to production

In theory, we can push this to an official dockerhub repo like so:

docker tag mb_blog_crossfilter metabase/blog:cross-filtering
docker push metabase/blog:cross-filtering

One open question: