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Metabase Hosting

The Metabase team wants you to be happy with your analytics setup. We know that while it’s super easy to install and set up Metabase, sometimes it’s worth the peace of mind to let someone else be responsible for keeping the lights on. If your team doesn’t already have a well-tuned process for running standalone open source projects, we’re happy to run a Metabase instance on your behalf.

What you get

If you choose to have us host your Metabase instance, you’ll get:

  • One-step installation
  • Email delivery included
  • Timely upgrades to the latest stable version of Metabase
  • Your own single-tenant Metabase server


Unlike many other analytics providers, we will not place your instance on the same machine as any other customer. This keeps a hard separation between your Metabase instance and others’.


Our hosted offering is limited to keeping your Metabase instance up and running, keeping up with updates, and maintaining the latest security patches. We will not be able to help you maintain or support your data warehouse or debug issues beyond verifying that Metabase is working properly.

Join the waitlist

If you’re interested in having us host Metabase on your behalf, please join our Metabase Cloud Beta waitlist.


Is there a free version?

Not at this time. During the Beta, we will be charging a monthly fee.

Beta? Does this mean it’s not ready?

Metabase itself is not in beta and has been in production usage among 20,000+ companies worldwide for 5 years. You’ll be running a stable version of Metabase, upgraded to the latest bug and security patches. The Beta refers to the billing and provisioning infrastructure, but rest assured that your actual hosted, single-tenant instance of Metabase is hardened and ready for production workloads.

Can I move my existing Metabase instance to the cloud?

Yes! Just let us know in the waitlist signup form that you’re interested in this and we’ll be happy to walk you through the process.

Is there a free trial?

On General Availability, we will likely offer a free trial. However, at this time the Beta is targeted towards companies that have already been using Metabase and know they want it. If you are considering Metabase, we suggest starting out with a self-hosted version initially.