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DevOps Engineer

We’re looking for operations engineers who can help our community deploy and run Metabase. You will primarily be responsbile for finding ways to make deploying Metabase to common platforms (AWS, GCE, Azure, Heroku, etc seamless. You will also be responsible for running our internal platforms.

About you:

  • Compulsively automate everything.
  • Are thoughtful and careful.
  • Have production experience in one or more major cloud providers (AWS, GCE, Azure)
  • Have strong network security and application security skills
  • Know Docker inside and out
  • Experience running JVM applications under a variety of loads preferred
  • Knowledge of Kubernetes a plus
  • Experience in Clojure or a desire to learn a plus
  • Are able to make solid technical judgements and back them up articulately
  • A History of open source contributions strongly preferred