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Frontend Engineer - Growth

Metabase is looking for a Frontend Software Engineer to help streamline and optimize our self-service Metabase Cloud checkout flow. This role will be a key part of our Growth team and mix strong technical skills, design sensibilities, empathy and understanding of our users and a quantitative bent to create a seamless, trustworthy and effective signup and checkout flow.

Things you’ll do :

  • Build new additions to our website and checkout flow
  • Dig into the SEO profile of the site and tweak it
  • Tweak and polish our user facing experiences
  • Do one-off prototyping of user facing tools for our community and website

Things we’re looking for :

  • 5+ years frontend programming experience
  • Experience designing conversion orientated web pages and checkout experiences
  • Experience in B2B SaaS
  • Good Design sensibilities
  • Web design background a strong plus
  • Experience with Analytics and A/B testing
  • Experience or willingness to dig into Jekyll (ruby skills a bonus)
  • Understanding of the modern state of play in SEO
  • Ability to communicate clearly and collaborate with a variety of other team members (engineers, marketers, product managers and users)