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Installing and running Metabase

There are a lot of different ways to run Metabase, both on prem and in the cloud.

To follow along with our tutorials, you’ll need a working Metabase installation. If your Metabase is already up and running, skip ahead to Getting started with Metabase, or check out A tour of Metabase for a high-level overview.

The simplest way to get up and running is to run the JAR file. Just follow the instructions in the docs, and you can ignore the rest of this page.

Running Metabase in production

There are two basic ways to run Metabase in production: you can sign up for Metabase Cloud, or host Metabase yourself. If you’re not sure which way is right for you, check out How to run Metabase in production.

Different ways to install and run Metabase

We package Metabase as a Java JAR file, and you can run it anywhere Java is available. We also offer a few options for running the JAR:

Method Description  
JAR The simplest way to get up and running.  
Docker If you prefer to manage Metabase using a Docker container.  
Mac Application Metabase provides a binary Mac OS X application for users who want to try Metabase on a Mac system.  

Running Metabase on cloud platforms

You can also run Metabase in the cloud. We offer our own version, and provide some guides for setting up Metabase on other platforms.

Metabase Cloud

Our hosted version, Metabase Cloud. All you need to do is sign up for a free trial, and you’re off to the races.

AWS Elastic Beanstalk

Step-by-step instructions on how to deploy Metabase on Elastic Beanstalk using RDS.


Currently in beta. We’ve run Metabase on Heroku and it works just fine, but it’s not hardened for production use just yet. If you’re up for it then give it a shot and let us know how we can make it better!

Debian as a service

Community support only at this time, but learn how to deploy Metabase as a service on Debian (and Debian-based) systems. Simple, guided, step-by-step approach that will work on any VPS.

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