How Le Stud can help

  • Build scalable data infrastructure
  • Set up Metabase
  • Dashboard creation & query writing
  • Dashboard and query optimization
  • Visualising data for specific departments
  • Communicating and sharing your data to other teams or your partners
  • Metabase training

About Le Stud

At Le Stud, we love keeping things simple: defining, measuring, or communicating the main KPIs you need to follow to make your business grow. We’ve been using Metabase for a few years at almost all the companies we work with.

Clients' reviews

Caroline, Product Manager at La Fabrique

Le Stud has been helping La Fabrique drive four products in a smart and data-focused way, through Metabase. Le Stud took care of the set up and creation of various dashboards, giving us advice on which KPIs to measure and how to follow them. We love the impact-oriented mindset of the team, often challenging our analytics, and the huge value from Metabase. Now, we can’t spend a day without checking our dashboards.

Sebastien, CTO at Selego

Le Stud team set up our data environment on Metabase. The dashboards help us to maintain a high-level overview of Selego's financial health and overall performance. We are now able to cross financial data with sales and production data, and this has been a game changer in terms of tracking our KPIs and reinforcing our priorities within our company. It also helped us improve the communication among the team as the dashboards are easy to share.

Marguerite, Growth Manager at beta.gouv

Thanks to Le Stud, our team is able to efficiently use Metabase. The team has helped us choose and set up the appropriate data tools to follow our users, even though our needs were pretty complex. Every time we need help, the team quickly answers, writing queries, handling the data, and teaching us. Thanks to Le Stud's expertise, we now have clear and useful analytics to work on, or to communicate to other teams. We would recommend working with Le Stud; you can quickly see that they've mastered analytics and Metabase.

Maxime, Product & Growth at Money Walkie

Le Stud has been helping us gather our data and implement analytics dashboards. We are now able to follow and understand the evolution of our monthly recurrent revenue, acquisition channels, sales, customers profiles, etc. Le Stud showed us all the options Metabase offers, and now we not only understand our dashboards, we also create charts to visualize the data we need ourselves.