How Revnode can help

Revnode’s services include:

  • Custom data pipelines combining multiple data sources.
  • Architecture for a durable, maintainable, and scalable data warehouse.
  • Reporting and dashboarding to address specific stakeholder analytics needs.
  • Creating reliable data sets for machine learning and other AI applications.
  • Complex visualizations of data, including interactive elements.

About Revnode

Revnode is a data engineering consultancy based out of New York City. Their focus is on wrangling all of your data sources into a usable data stream. They use a multitude of tools at their disposal to extract your data, clean it, enrich it, and store it to be used in analytics, machine learning applications, or any other final purpose. They also build visualizations using tools like Metabase to allow you to keep an eye on your data and keep tabs on which direction your data set is moving in. If you’re looking for a complex custom data solution with a highly experienced, New York-based team, Revnode is the outfit for the job.

Clients' reviews

Chelsie Hall, Founder, Viral Moment

Revnode's team set up Metabase for our startup, ViralMoment, when we were starting out, and I enthusiastically recommend them. The team worked efficiently and designed a powerful solution that has now become a fundamental part of our product. We instantly saw how powerful Metabase was, why Revnode had recommended Metabase for us, and what a great job they did in setting up our instance. We will be hiring Revnode again and again to help us with our solution as we scale.

Nathan Creswell, Head of Product,

Revnode successfully set up and configured Metabase on a client engagement ( so we could run some internal product analytics on our product usage. We liked Metabase as it was a very lightweight tool to get the job done and sufficed for our early analytics needs.