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Metabase Product Roadmap

Highlights of what we’re cooking.


Actively being built.

  • Revamped sync, scan and fingerprinting Much faster and lighter on your data warehouse

  • Model caching Improve performance by automatically writing the models you create in Metabase into your data warehouse – no pipeline needed.

  • Improved filtering experience More fluid UI, aware of what you’re filtering

  • Better individual record view Easier navigation, visual grouping and more

  • Better error display More useful, actionable errors whenever they’re unavoidable

  • Custom question parameterization Parameterize aspects of GUI-created queries and wire them up in dashboards

  • JSON records in more DBs BigQuery, Snowflake, Redshift and more

  • See SQL for parameterized queries Understand the generated SQL for easier debugging

  • More embedding customization Custom fonts, custom colors, locale definition and more

  • Custom domains in Cloud Bring your own domain name for your Metabase Cloud instance

  • Country pinning in Cloud Pick the country where to host your Metabase Cloud instance.


Planned for the next release or two.

  • Granular timezone controls Transform timezones confidently. Plus a lot of date-related custom expressions niceties.

  • Revamped visualizations New visualizations, more granular options, better performance

  • Create and use Metrics Create, manage and share Metrics within Metabase. Trust your numbers.

  • Easy date comparisons Simplified comparisons over different timeframes

  • More expressivity in custom expressions Windowing functions, additional primitives, type casting


Coming in the next 6 months or so.

  • JSON arrays in PostgreSQL, BigQuery and more Model and use JSON arrays as native concepts throughout Metabase, no SQL needed

  • Hot swap data sources Replace the table/model backing multiple questions in one go

  • Improved MongoDB driver Fine-grained sync control, better scan and more

  • Expanded auditing functionality Improved UI, alerting, more logged events

Keep in mind these are non-exhaustive plans and subject to change. Features may not be available in all plans.

Recently Shipped

For details about each release, see our release notes.

  • 0.43 Redesigned home page Better wayfinding and quicker access to relevant content
  • 0.43 JSON records in PostgreSQL, BigQuery and more Use JSON records (flat objects) for display, filtering and grouping
  • 0.43 Event annotations Annotate your visualizations with relevant events, share and manage them throughout your instance
  • 0.43 Feature-level permissions Control access to certain admin function, data downloads and more
  • 0.43 Personal bookmarks Bookmark the items you use most often to get to them quickly.
  • 0.43 Revamped date/time filtering Relative dates, simpler UI and more
  • 0.43 Selective sync for more DBs Postgres, Redshift, Snowflake and, as previously supported, BigQuery.
  • 0.42 Create and curate models Define metadata-rich data models with data and calculations from multiple tables
  • 0.42 Revamped Custom Columns Editor Better suggestions, interactivity, UI and new functions.
  • 0.42 Selective schema sync Include/exclude the schemas to include in Metabase. Initially for BigQuery only.
  • 0.42 Redesigned collections Easier to find what matters and nicer on the eyes
  • 0.42 Google Sheets via BigQuery Use native BigQuery functionality to view Sheets in Metabase
  • 0.42 Refactored Slack integration Using more current APIs and easier to set up
  • 0.41 Granular cache controls Define result cache duration for questions, dashboards and databases.
  • 0.41 Revamped Subscriptions and Alerts Better visualizations, new templates, easy unsubscribe, domain allow-listing
  • 0.41 Tools to find and fix broken questions Find frequently seen broken questions from a central place and go fix them
  • 0.41 Official collections and verified questions Mark "blessed" items as such to make them easier to find and rely upon
  • 0.41 Honor formatting in data downloads Making CSVs, XLSXs and JSON file look as much like in-app tables as possible
  • 0.41 Redesigned permissions and Block Permission A more scalable UI and a new permission for secure environments
  • 0.41 New BigQuery Driver Faster, more performant and enables access to public datasets