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Metabase Product Roadmap

Highlights of what we’re cooking.


Actively being built.

  • Create and curate datasets Define metadata-rich data models from multiple tables

  • Improved filtering and grouping Making the core parts of Metabase easier and more powerful

  • Hot swap data sources Replace the table/dataset backing multiple questions in one go

  • Revamped Custom Columns Editor More functions and an overall better experience

  • Granular timezone controls Transform timezones between query, table and DB confidently

  • Advanced Download Permissions Control who can download question results

  • Redesigned home page and collections Better wayfinding and quicker access to relevant content


Planned for the next release or two.

  • Support for JSON columns in PostgreSQL For filtering, grouping and display

  • Event annotations and centralized goals Annotate your charts with relevant events and manage goals (including as queries) from one place

  • Upload CSVs for ad hoc explorations Upload a file and Metabase handles persisting it

  • Advanced BigQuery Functionality Multiple datasets, RECORD columns and more.


Coming in the next 6 months or so.

  • Integrate Metrics and Segments into Datasets Move them out of admin-land into collections, as part of curated datasets

  • ElasticSearch Driver Yeah, it's happening

  • Native Amazon Athena Driver Adding in-house support and making it available in our Cloud plans

  • Improved MongoDB driver Fine-grained sync control, better scan and more

  • Webhooks and new methods in the API Build your own integrations by plugging into events in your Metabase

  • Improved advanced embedding More visual customization, one-schema-per-customer permissions and more

Keep in mind these are just non-exhaustive plans and subject to change. Features may not be available in all plans.

Recently Shipped

For details about each release, see our release notes.

  • 0.41 Granular cache controls Define result cache duration for questions, dashboards and databases.
  • 0.41 Revamped Subscriptions and Alerts Better visualizations, new templates, easy unsubscribe, domain allow-listing
  • 0.41 Tools to find and fix broken questions Find frequently seen broken questions from a central place and go fix them
  • 0.41 Official collections and verified questions Mark "blessed" items as such to make them easier to find and rely upon
  • 0.41 Honor formatting in data downloads Making CSVs, XLSXs and JSON file look as much like in-app tables as possible
  • 0.41 Redesigned permissions and Block Permission A more scalable UI and a new permission for secure environments
  • 0.41 New BigQuery Driver Faster, more performant and enables access to public datasets