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Ready to use Metabase with your team?

Running Metabase on a server will let others log into accounts, share reports and dashboards and help each other.

  1. Docker Image

    Run Metabase in the environment of your choice with our Docker image.

  2. Amazon Web Services

    Get Metabase running on AWS Elastic Beanstalk

  3. Heroku

    Deploy Metabase to Heroku with just a click.

Want to see Metabase in action?

Running Metabase on your laptop or desktop will give you the ability to run reports, create personal dashboards, and get to know the product.

  1. Metabase for Mac

    Try out Metabase right on your Mac and work with data locally.

  2. Other platforms

    Don’t use a Mac? No problem. You can still work with data locally using Metabase.