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Metabase Support

The Metabase team wants you to be happy with your analytics setup. We know that while it’s super easy to set up, maintain and use Metabase, we know that sometimes problems come up. We have a number of ways for you to get help with installation problems, recommendations on configuration and tuning, as well as dealing with the occasional bugs and problems as they emerge.

Community Support

The simplest option is to make use of our discussion forum to ask for help on configuration, usage and troubleshooting your Metabase installation, and our github issue tracker to report bugs.

While the team is often on the discussion forum, we help out on a best-effort basis.

If you (or your boss!), need more dedicated support options, we also provide a more formal support channel. With any of our paid support plans, you open incidents via email.

You’ll receive:

  • A response within 1 Business Day (Pacific Time)
  • A dedicated contact for that support incident
  • Video-Conference or Remote Administration if required to diagnose issues
  • Follow ups with resolution or mitigation from us as we determine root cause.
  • Direct access to the Metabase Core team for complicated issues

What kinds of things can we help you with?

  • Help debugging data warehouse connectivity
  • Help dealing with issues in installing or upgrading Metabase
  • Provide custom recommendations for deployment
  • Advice on integration with upstream or downstream processes.

What kinds of things fall outside an “incident”?

  • We can’t guarantee a fix for any given bug. We will however help you mitigate and keep you directly informed of when the bug is fixed and follow up with a custom build if necessary.
  • We can’t debug your ETL pipeline or reconcile conflicting numbers in your reports with other tools
  • We can’t add custom features within an “incident”
  • We can’t set up a data warehouse for you
  • We can’t optimize your data warehouse performance

Note that the Metabase team might be able to help you with these kinds of issues, but they would fall under a more general Services agreement. You can contact us to see if there’s a way for us to help you through our contact form at

Per-Incident Support

We offer per-incident support for $350 per incident, with a minimum purchase of 5 incidents. To open a per-incident support case, you should pre-purchase an Incident Support credit. With your purchase confirmation, we will provide details on how to start a support case.

You can purchase support credits at our store

Annual Support

If you have deployed Metabase across your company, and know you will require ongoing support for a significant deployment, we offer a yearly support contract. Please contact us for details, SLAs and pricing through our contact form at

Prioritized Bug Fixes and Features

If you need a specific bug fixed, or wish to sponsor a feature please see our Prioritized Bug and Feature Program