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Metabase v0.14 is out!

Jan 28, 2016 by Sameer al-Sakran

A new version of Metabase is out! See our release notes below.

Features / Enhancements

  • Segments - the ability to store and reuse filter definitions
  • Metrics - the ability to store and reuse aggregation definitions
  • Improved support for table namespaces (schemas) in databases that use them such as Postgres/Redshift
  • Druid driver
  • Performance improvements in database introspection process plus the ability to optionally completely disable the more resource intensive database analysis work
  • Interactive tutorial that trains users on how to work with the Query Builder
  • Expand the limits on Pulses so more charts can be included
  • More instrumentation on frontend features
  • SQL Server now supports SSL connections
  • Provide detailed error messages on Query Builder when query fails
  • Support for many more timezones across the world
  • Ability to easily migrate from H2 application database to Postgres/MySQL

Bug Fixes

  • Fix for Firefox where strict javascript validation was causing app failure
  • Fix bug where “[Unknown Field]” would show up in automatic title creation sometimes
  • Fix issue where dots in SQL database table names was causing an error
  • Fix for utf-8 encoding issue on Pulse images
  • Fix bug where add to dashboard modal was only listing dashboards created by the user
  • Fix error where SQL Server columns using varchar(max) were breaking queries
  • Fix for error in queries that returned a binary column
  • Don’t show stddev aggregation option on databases that don’t support it
  • Fix for rendering bug on pivot tables
  • Fix bug where a row count larger than MAX_INT would create an error updating table metadata
  • Fix chart rendering for bar charts grouped by time quarterly
  • Fix issue where pulses fail to render some SQL cards

Full list of issues

You can download the new version of Metabase at