Built for data.
Made for everyone.

Help your team answer their own questions about data in just 5 minutes—no SQL required.

Data exploration for the whole team

Metabase sets up in five minutes, connecting to your database, and bringing its data to life in beautiful visualizations.

An intuitive interface makes data exploration feel like second nature—opening data up for everyone, not just analysts and developers.

Graph of sales per source

Querying beyond the SQL barrier

Help everyone dive deeper with an easy-to-use visual query builder. It can handle the complexity of joins, aggregations, and more, freeing your team to focus on uncovering their next insight, rather than picking through SQL.

Working with something really complex? No problem—there’s a full editor for those who prefer to write their own SQL.

Interface of data to join and filter

Share your discoveries

Interactive dashboards and automated reports help make data feel like a team sport. Advanced embedding options make it easy to share your data in presentations, publications, or even products.

Interface of data to join and filter

Explore data with ease

Even if you aren’t an analyst, Metabase can make you feel like one. Simple and powerful tools make exploring data second-nature.

A familiar, intuitive interface

Explore your data with simple, spreadsheet-like controls for common actions like sorting, filtering, and summarizing.

Interface of data to join and filter

Bring your data to life

15+ built-in visualizations make it easy to create beautiful live charts and dashboards.

Interface of data to join and filter
Interface of data to join and filter

Visual query builder

Dive deeper with an easy-to-learn visual query builder that brings advanced actions into reach for everyone.

Interface of data to join and filter

Advanced users welcome

A native SQL editor is available for advanced users. SQL templates and snippets help them share their work with others.

Share your insights

Exploration is better with friends. Metabase goes wherever you need it to, with powerful tools to help you publish, share, and embed your findings.

Interface of data to join and filter

Interactive dashboards and visualizations

Share visualizations individually, or collect them together into a dashboard. Either way, sharing is as easy as sending a URL.


Embed your visualizations and dashboards in webpages, presentations, and more.

Interface of data to join and filter

Automated reports

Get your favorite dashboard, right in your inbox or slack channel. Schedule ahead or set triggers for timely alerts.

Interface of data to join and filter

Advanced embedding

Include Metabase in your own products, including advanced functionality like the query-builder.

Interface of data to join and filter

Scale data access

Not all data is meant for everybody. Metabase includes powerful tools to help manage access, assure privacy, and scale data exploration to teams of all sizes.

Open up data access, safely

Control who can access what. Set permissions at the row, table, and dashboard levels.

Interface of data to join and filter

Monitor access and exports

Auditing tools show you query logs, downloads, and activity for all your users. See what data is being accessed, and which of your dashboards and questions are being looked at the most.

Interface of data to join and filter

SOC 2 Type II Compliant

Our SOC 2 Type II report attests to the controls we have in place governing the security of customer data as they map to Trust Service Principles (TSPs) established by the American Institute of Certified Public Accountants (AICPA).


Manage hundreds or thousands of users

Integrate Metabase with your SSO of choice to automatically handle user signups and group permissions.

Interface of data to join and filter

Light on its feet and easy on your servers

Smart results caching keeps your Metabase feeling nimble. And performance management tools help you track down intensive queries and optimize at the database, dashboard, or question level.

Interface of data to join and filter

Self-service analytics with more governance

Get more control over your internal analytics, with tighter permissions and security, clearer guidance to relevant dashboards, and verified questions.

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