Professional Services

Get expert guidance and
services from the team
that knows Metabase best

Get personalized professional services from our team of expert data practitioners who know Metabase inside and out.

Why you should work with us

Real-life data pros

Real advice from actual technical experts. We’re all real-life data practitioners and have years of hands-on experience solving problems like yours.

Fluff-free services

Our packages are designed to get you up and running in no time. We do them all the time, so you benefit from our practiced playbooks.

Metabase experts

We know and love Metabase, and talk to lots of customers every day. That means you get our first-hand knowledge of what works and what doesn’t.

What we can help you with

Whether you’re just getting started, or you’ve been using Metabase for years, we’ve got the perfect plan for your project.

Discovery session

We’ll review your data stack and make recommendations for how to meet your goals

Best for Evaluating Metabase or getting some expert help on your existing stack

Proof of concept

We’d set up Metabase for you, connect to your Data Warehouse, and create up to 3 Models and 3 dashboards for you.

Best for Trying Metabase

Custom onboarding

We’ll help you connect Metabase to your database, train you on Metabase concepts, walk you through decision-making for permissions and authentication, and help you decide how to share your Metabase with customers or external parties. Learn more.

Best for Getting started with Metabase

Self-hosted setup and ongoing maintenance

We’ll set up Metabase in your cloud environment (AWS/GCP/Azure) and help maintain it. If you prefer another cloud provider, just let us know and we can talk about it.

Best for You want to host Metabase but don’t want to deal with it

Self-service embedding reference architecture

We’ll set up a RDS—a Metabase instance, application database, and a reference embedding application in NodeJS. We also create up to 3 customer-facing data sets for you, as well as 3 specified dashboards.

Best for Getting started with interactive embedding

Performance-tuned self-service embedding reference architecture

All of Self-Service Embedding Reference Architecture plus we’ll maintain a dedicated datamart, ETL of data into it, as well as tuning the data model for the best customer experience.

Best for Getting started with interactive embedding and letting someone else maintain your data set up for you

End-to-end set-up for a specific product

We’ll create a data warehouse for you in your cloud, set up ETL using Fivetran for a common product (like Shopify, Zendesk, Jira, or Hubspot), build Models for you for you to self-explore, and create your first 3 dashboards.

Best for Letting someone else get you going for a specific product

Ongoing Services

Need some professional help on a recurring or one-time basis? We’re here for you.

Best for Getting some extra help when you need it