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Learn Metabase

Learn how to set Metabase up, build out your analytics, organize things and set permissions, and how to do data ops right.

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  1. Getting started with Metabase

    How to install, set up, and find your way around Metabase.

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  2. The basics of Metabase

    Asking questions and visualizing results.

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  3. Building analytics for your company

    Learn how to craft richer dashboards and create more complex questions.

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  4. Permissions and organizing

    Keeping your Metabase organized, and setting up access control to data and content.

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  5. Developing analytics applications with Metabase

    Embedding Metabase in your app, using our API, and more.

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  6. General analytics advice

    Guidance on data analysis, modeling, optimizing performance, and scaling.

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