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Pull threads in your data without even asking a question

Drill-throughs give people an easy and intuitive starting-point to play with data, dig into specifics, and turn it into action.

It's all in the click of a button.

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Analysis on (almost) autopilot

Click on charts, models, and questions to interact with the drill-through menu to filter, see individual records, auto-generate reports, and more.

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Zoom in

Find out why a number or trend went up or down around a certain date. Click-and-drag over a selected area on a chart to zoom in for a closer look, or use auto-zoom.

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View these records

Get into the specifics by clicking to see a table with the individual records and values that make up the chart. Generate relevant lists to act on (like customers you need to call, asap.)

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Breakout the data on specific dimensions, like time, location, category, and more. Different charts will have different breakout options based on the content.

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Slice the data a different way by clicking to apply filters to see what’s higher, lower, or a similar value to what you’re looking at.

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Custom-click behavior

Determine where the next click leads, like relevant dashboards, saved questions, or a URL.

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Set cards to update filter widgets across a dashboard, e.g. click on a US state in a map card to show info on orders from that state across all cards on the dashboard.

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Create an automatically generated dashboard of questions about your data. Edit it as you please to keep what’s interesting, hedge what’s not, add more questions, and text boxes. It won’t hurt our feelings. Honest.

How to use drill-throughs on dashboards
and charts

  • 1

    Find a dashboard, chart, or model you want to learn more about.

  • 2

    Click anywhere over a chart made with the query builder, e.g. a state on a map, or a bar in a chart and pick an option in the drill-through menu (your options may vary based on the content of your question or model.)

  • 3

    That’s kinda it, go wild.

More info on drill-throughs and interactivity

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