Metabase - Usage Analytics Usage Analytics

Total visibility into what's going on in your Metabase

Metabase usage analytics is a collection of dashboards, questions, and models to understand and act on how your data is used in your Metabase, as well as performance, and configuration changes.

Available on Pro and Enterprise plans.

Know who did what, when

Evergreen audit logs, usage stats and reports to monitor, investigate, and get notifications on what’s going on if and when you need them.

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Usage reports, configuration changes, and performance data

Comprehensive data on how your Metabase is being used, by who, and when for compliance and meta-analytics. Read-only by default to protect audit logs for posterity.

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Interactive pre-defined dashboards

See overall trends on usage stats in the collection of dashboards, like most viewed questions in Metabase. Home in on areas of interest with filters and the action menu to breakout, X-ray, or view individual records.

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Models to create custom reports

Your usage and audit data in a neat package, made easier to analyze, answer questions, and turn into your own investigations to save and share as custom reports.

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Set up subscriptions and alerts on user behavior

Get notified on a regular basis, or set alarms when things change unexpectedly and you need to investigate, like someone downloading a 10,000 row table.

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Customize prebuilt dashboards

Your audit logs are not-editable by default to be ironclad and enduring. But if you feel inspired to dig or take it in a different direction, click Make a copy to turn the content into a template that you can change all you want.

Worry-free upgrades, backups, and more - Upgrades

Manage access to usage analytics

Give view or edit permissions as required, without making everyone an admin.

Get the most out of usage analytics

How to use Usage analytics

Go to the Metabase analytics collection in the left sidebar (note, admins will see this collection by default, otherwise you’ll need permissions enabled).
Open Metabase metrics. Select a date range, and filter on your available user groups. For example, you could filter down to an an “executives” user group to get an idea of who’s most active and what they’re interested in.
Set up a dashboard subscription to get notified about what’s top-of-mind in your org each week.