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See what’s new in the latest versions of Metabase. Includes features, product improvements, bug fixes, and more.

Jan 2024

Metabase 48

Metabase 48 gives you complete visibility into who's doing what in your Metabase, plus a bunch of dashboard and search improvements, and things to make your day-to-day life in Metabase better.

Sep 2023

Metabase 47

Metabase 47 has got something in it for everyone: CSV uploads, PDF downloads, searching, serialization, and everything in between.

Mar 2023

Metabase 46

Metabase 46 brings a host of new features to make your day-to-day experience even better, including actions, improved support for MongoDB, optimized sync and fingerprinting, and more.

Dec 2022

Metabase 0.45

Metabase 0.45 adds Amazon Athena as an officially supported database, new datetime functions, vastly improved models, and more.

Aug 2022

Metabase 0.44

Metabase 0.44 brings a bunch of new customization for embedding, even better ways to explore data, and a LOT more.

May 2022

Metabase 0.43

Charting your course.

Feb 2022

Metabase 0.42

The answer to life, the universe, and modeling.

Oct 2021

Metabase 0.41

Better subscriptions, tools for larger organizations, and more.

Jul 2021

Metabase 0.40

Metabase 0.40 makes it easier to craft dashboards, use saved questions as data, and adds plenty of polish and performance improvements.

Apr 2021

Metabase 0.39

Metabase 0.39 brings improved search and custom expressions, along with a bunch of performance and security improvements.

Feb 2021

Metabase 0.38

Metabase 0.38 introduces pivot tables, waterfall charts, and dashboard subscriptions, and includes a better way to navigate collections.

Oct 2020

Metabase 0.37

Metabase 0.37 adds new options for making your dashboards more interactive, like custom click destinations, cross-filtering, and linked filters.

Jul 2020

Metabase 0.36 is here

Version 36 of Metabase contains the long-awaited SQL/native query snippets feature, new localizations settings, better value labels for charts, and more.

Mar 2020

Metabase 0.35

Filter expressions, new functions, question references in native queries, and performance enhancements.

Dec 2019

Metabase 0.34 - Ho Ho Holiday edition

Mongo variables, labels on chart points, and timezone fixes.

Aug 2019

Metabase 0.33

Two new ways to ask questions in Metabase

Mar 2019

Metabase 0.32 - Plug in for performance

Modular drivers and performance improvements

Nov 2018

Metabase 0.31 - Visualize yourself in a new version of Metabase

Gauge charts and smart numbers, currency support, global and per-field formatting, and more.

Aug 2018

Metabase 0.30 - Room to grow

Redesigned collections, pinning, search, comparison x-rays, and conditional formatting!

May 2018

Metabase v0.29

Automated explorations, filter search, Spark SQL and internationalization ready.

Feb 2018

Metabase v0.28

Now with dashboard text cards, CSVs in Pulses, multi-select dashboard filters, and more.

Nov 2017

Metabase 0.27

Sep 2017

Metabase 0.26

Jul 2017

Metabase 0.25 - Summer shandy

May 2017

Metabase v0.24 is out

Mar 2017

Metabase v0.23 is out

Jan 2017

Metabase v0.22 is out

Dec 2016

Metabase v0.21 is out

Oct 2016

Metabase v0.20 is out

Jul 2016

Metabase v0.19 is out

Jun 2016

Summer's Here - version 0.18 of Metabase is ready!

May 2016

Metabase 0.17 - Just in time for spring cleaning

Mar 2016

Metabase 0.16 - A dash of bots

Feb 2016

A Leap Forward

Jan 2016

Metabase v0.14 is out!

Dec 2015

Metabase v0.13 is out!