Metabase updates and changes

Apr 2024
Making it easier to get stuff done

This release is all about making it easier to get stuff done in Metabase. Dashboard improvements make setup and editing smoother. Improvements to trend charts are up 400%. You can append data to CSV uploads. API keys. Serialization for Metabase Cloud (take a breath!), and lots more.

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Dashboard improvements 

Quicker dashboard set up and editing

Additional comparisons in Trend charts 

More options to configure time ranges and benchmarks in trend charts

Append data to CSV uploads 

Upload additional rows to an existing CSV-created model

Serialization in Metabase Cloud 

API endpoints for serialization for import and exporting application data.

Jan 2024
Keeping track of what’s happening in your Metabase

Metabase 48 gives you complete visibility into who's doing what in your Metabase, plus a bunch of dashboard and search improvements, and things to make your day-to-day life in Metabase better.

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Usage analytics 

Learn what’s happening in your Metabase… using Metabase

New regions for cloud-hosting 

Move your cloud-hosted instance into your backyard

Sep 2023
Better looking dashboards, CSVs, better serialization and more

This release has something for everyone. CSV uploads, PDF downloads, searching, serialization, and more.

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Revamped dashboards 

Lots of improvements big and small to make building and viewing dashboards better

Upload CSVs 

Upload and start exploring from a CSV, no ETL required

Overhauled serialization 

Serious upgrades to serialization allow for git-based workflows.

Mar 2023
Ready, set, Action!

This release brings Actions—a way to write back to your database straight from Metabase. It also includes serious improvements to our MongoDB driver, along with a bunch of quality of life improvements.

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Write back to your database, from Metabase

Humongous upgrades for MongoDB 

Lots of improvements for our MongoDB driver

Optimized sync and fingerprinting 

Significant optimizations to reduce database loads and data warehouse costs

Customized filter drop downs 

Define a custom list, or choose an existing question, to populate dropdown options in dashboard filters and SQL queries.

Learn more about your Models 

Get all the details on your model in one place.

Dec 2022
Improvements for your day to day

For this release, we’ve focused on improving your day-to-day Metabase experience. There’s a few cool things, but most of our effort went into improving key features, with the goal of making Metabase more reliable and easier to work with.

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Official Amazon Athena data source 

Athena’s available for all plans on Metabase Cloud!

Easier to work with charts 

Easier-to-work with viz settings, and improvements to charts sent on Slack and email.

Better Models 

Easier to create, more reliable, and faster to to edit and iterate on.

New datetime functions in the query builder 

Extract datetime, do math with dates, and convertTimezone.

Load an instance from a config file 

Pre-configure instances (including database connections) in YAML.

Aug 2022
Fitting in

Lots of you embed Metabase in your products to offer self-serve analytics to your customers. You sweat every detail of your product; so this time we did the sweating to make sure you can make Metabase fit right in with your product. We also worked on better ways to help people explore data, added additional database support, and more.

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Making Metabase your own 

Customize your instances’ fonts and colors, and show and hide UI elements.

Better filtering 

Redesigned filtering experience to make exploring easier.

Model Caching 

Keep models fast and smooth

May 2022
Charting your course

Making you feel like a fearless explorer is the theme of this release. We’ve made a bunch of improvements to help you stay organized, keep track of your work, and find new areas to explore.

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Redesigned navigation and homepage 

Overhauled navigation to make it easier to find things.


Bookmark your favorites to find them later.


Save important moments and view them on time series.

Improved data and time filtering 

We made it a lot easier to filter for relative date and time ranges.

Feature-level permissions 

Granular permission settings for features

Feb 2022
The answer to life, the universe, and modeling

This release brings models — a whole new way to make exploring data easy for everyone. It also includes a new main navigation, redesigned collections, and a lot of other cleanup work and quality-of-life improvements.

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Create and edit metadata-rich datasets ready for easy exploration

Improved custom expression editor 

An overhauled custom expressions editor, including faster, easier-to-navigate suggestions

Selective sync 

Select which schemas you want to sync.

Oct 2021
Exploration at scale

This release includes better subscriptions, tools for larger organizations, and more.

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Improved Subscriptions and Alerts 

Much improved dashboard Subscriptions and Alerts.

Improved Permissions 

A revamped permissions page, along with a new block permission level.

Official collections, verified questions 

Help users find official sources of information.

Jul 2021
Dashboard improvements, data exploration, and more

This release includes easier-to-build dashboards, a more intuitive way to explore SQL results, and more.

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Improved dashboard editing 

Improved responsiveness and editing.

Improved data selection 

Overhauled search in data picker.

Apr 2021
Improved search, custom expressions

Metabase 0.39 brings improved search and custom expressions, along with a bunch of performance and security improvements.

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Feb 2021
Pivot tables, waterfall charts, dashboard subscriptions

Metabase 0.38 introduces pivot tables, waterfall charts, and dashboard subscriptions, and includes a better way to navigate collections.

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Oct 2020
Interactive dashboards

Metabase 0.37 adds new options for making your dashboards more interactive, like custom click destinations, cross-filtering, and linked filters.

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Jul 2020
SQL snippets, localization

Version 36 of Metabase contains the long-awaited SQL/native query snippets feature, new localizations settings, better value labels for charts, and more.

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Mar 2020
Filter expressions, new functions, question references in native queries, and performance enhancements.

Filter expressions, new functions, question references in native queries, and performance enhancements.

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Dec 2019
Mongo variables, chart labels

Mongo variables, labels on chart points, and timezone fixes.

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Aug 2019
A tale of two modes

Two new ways to ask questions in Metabase

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Mar 2019
Plug in for performance

Plug in for performance

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Nov 2018
Visualize yourself in a new version of Metabase

Gauge charts and smart numbers, currency support, global and per-field formatting, and more.

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Aug 2018
Room to grow

Redesigned collections, pinning, search, comparison x-rays, and conditional formatting!

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May 2018
Exploration at scale

Automated explorations, filter search, Spark SQL

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Feb 2018
Text cards, CSVs in Pulses, multi-select filters

Now with dashboard text cards, CSVs in Pulses, multi-select dashboard filters, and more.

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Nov 2017

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Sep 2017

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Jul 2017
Summer shandy

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May 2017
Action menu, drill through, caching

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Mar 2017
Public sharing, embedding

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Jan 2017
Collections, custom calculated expressions

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Dec 2016
Drivers, Date and time filtering

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Oct 2016

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Jul 2016
Data Model Reference, SQL Templates, Google Single Sign On

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Jun 2016
Summer's Here

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May 2016
Just in time for spring cleaning

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Mar 2016
A dash of bots

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Feb 2016
A Leap Forward

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Jan 2016
Segments, Metrics

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Dec 2015

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