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Metabase 0.17 - Just in time for spring cleaning

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In this release

If you’ve been spending time using Metabase and are starting to get itchy about doing some house keeping, we have just the thing. Our newest release gives you tools for organizing the reports and questions, as well as reducing the number of situations you need to reach for SQL. Get your dusting caps on!

Tags + Search for Saved Questions

Once you’ve been using Metabase for a few months, you’ve created lots of useful reports, common segments to look at, as well as metrics you want to keep an eye on. As the number of saved questions builds up, it’s important to make it easy for others in your organization to discover questions that have already been answered. Now you can tag, label, archive and search saved questions to make it faster for others to find answers.

Calculated columns

One of the most common requests we’ve heard is to allow more complicated calculations in our query builder. In this version, we’ve added the ability to perform calculations on columns in a row so you can do things like calculating profit margin on an order without needing to use SQL.

Faster Syncing of Metadata

For those of your running on larger databases, we’ve made significant improvements in how we inspect your database. New fields and tables will be picked up much faster, and with less load on your database.

Lots of database driver improvements and general bug fixes

We’ve tightened up our support for MySQL, BigQuery and Druid, with lots of small improvements.

To see whether these might affect you, or see the other issues we’ve closed in this version - check out the full list here

As always let us know what you think after upgrading, and thanks so much for using Metabase!

You can download the new version of Metabase at

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