CSV Upload

Upload and analyze your spreadsheets in Metabase

Analyze CSV data with Metabase’s query builder. It’s simple enough for anyone on the team to use—no SQL or data expertise needed.

CSV upload makes it easy for everyone to add data into Metabase to start analyzing

Here are a few examples

For marketers

Measure the impact of onboarding campaigns by uploading CSV data from your email tool and joining with activation data in Metabase.

For customer success leaders

Enrich NPS survey data with customer data already in Metabase for deeper analysis and better insights.

For product managers

Bring your product analytics into Metabase, even if you don’t have a proper ETL or database setup for the source yet.

How to analyze CSVs in Metabase

Ensure your Metabase has a database connected, and CSV upload is enabled (this needs to be done by an admin, but after that anyone can upload a CSV).
Have your CSV data available to upload and ready to analyze. If you have a Google or Excel spreadsheet, go to File > Download (.csv).
In Metabase, navigate to the Collection you want to add your CSV to.
Upload your CSV into the Collection by clicking or dragging the file directly into the Collection you want to add it to.
Once your upload finishes, Metabase will create a model for that CSV data, as well as a table in the schema your admin has designated to store uploads. Now you’re ready to start querying, applying x-rays, building dashboards, and more.
Keep the model up to date as the data evolves. Upload new rows to the CSV-created model by clicking in the collection view, and selecting ‘Append data to a model’.