Highlights of what we’re cooking

Actively being built

Better caching

Algorithm improvements, clearer and more scalable UX, more granular control.

Bulk find-and-replace

Handle DB schema changes in Metabase in one go, across visual and native queries.

Bundled data warehouse

Get started faster with a full BI-in-a-box using Metabase Cloud with a bundled data warehouse.

CSV upload improvements

Append to existing uploads, delete uploaded tables, support in additional drivers. Some paid, some free functionality.

Embedding React SDK

Build interactive analytics experiences using only specific parts of Metabase, in your app.

Improved embedding onboarding

Quicker to get to an embedding proof of concept.

Improvements to SSO and Auth

SCIM for SAML, auto-logout and more.

Model-only permissions

Restrict querying from models, without direct DB access.

Semantic search

Much better matching, handling synonyms and more.

Better archiving and decluttering

Better archive UX, auto-archive, auto-empty archive and more. Includes paid features.

Command palette

Cmd/Ctrl + K your way to Metabase nirvana.

Faster and fresher fingerprinting

Better insight into the shape of your data.

Filters in the body of dashboard

Get them close to what they’re filtering.

Models in data browser

Easily find the curated data source you’re looking for (or you didn’t know existed).

Parameterized date granularity

Control group-by granularity via dashboard filters (so you can write fewer queries).

Revamped Druid database driver

Adding support for Druid SQL, custom columns and JSON parsing and querying.

Revamped data picker

Make it easier to find stuff when asking new questions or adding to dashboards or collections.

Simplified permissions for the query builder

Cleaner permissions model. Includes paid-only improvements.

Spreadsheet-like custom columns

Extract parts of date/times, combine columns and more, without going into the advanced query builder.

Time period comparisons

Compare across time periods without resorting to SQL. Plus other bonuses built on window functions.

Visualization improvements

Combo stacked bars, moving averages, best fit lines, and more.

Planned for the next release or two

Data quality monitoring

Understand the health of your models.

Databricks driver

A new, officially supported driver.

Organizations as central units in embedding

Group your users by their customers, set permissions, seed collections, and more.

CSV uploads and model caching in more databases

BigQuery, Snowflake, and more.

Email Actions

Send emails from events or buttons in Metabase, using your templates.

Granular sync control

Down to the table level and with API support.

Improved verification indication

Mark deprecated items and set expiration dates.

Model improvements

Faster UX, foreign key mapping, custom filter values.

New chart types: sunburst, sankey, boxplot

And potentially more.

Parameters in snippets

Ability to include parameters in SQL snippets.

Productized REST API

Stable versioning, revamped documentation, and more.

Questions in dashboards

Use dashboards as folders for single-use questions, reducing clutter.

Reusable queries

Create a query once and visualize in different ways. Pairs well with parameters.

Static card parameters

Hardcode parameters for individual questions in dashboards.


Call external services from events in Metabase.

Coming in the next 6 months or so

Action auditing, analytics, and permissions

Know who did what, when (and keep it under control).

Data warehouse cost insights

Know how much your queries cost, optimize (or kill) expensive queries.

Faster caching with external providers

Memory caching for blazing-fast query results.

Lineage and debugging

Understand how you’re getting your results and pinpoint issues.

Better maps

Plot more metrics, draw polygons, build heatmaps, and more.

Consumption in mobile

Improvements to dashboards, viz, and navigation in mobile contexts.

Dynamic goals

Define goals using other questions.

Improvements to custom filter values

Key/value pairs and more flexibility.

JSON support for more databases

BigQuery, Snowflake, Redshift, and more.

More dashboard improvements

Events in dashboards, drag cards from the sidebar, reduce manual resizing of elements, zoomed in card view, dashboard templates, and more.

Multi-level schema support

Support multi-catalog connections, including PK/FK relationships and joins.

Pivot table improvements

Better UI, pivoted downloads, and more.

Revamped table visualizations

Better density, zebra-striping, scrolling, text wrapping, and more.

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Keep in mind these are non-exhaustive plans and subject to change. Plans are always clearer for the near future than far out. Features may not be available in all plans.

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What’s new

Want to see what we shipped recently?

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