Metabase Product Roadmap

Highlights of what we’re cooking.


Actively being built.

  • Revamped auditing Revamped UI, alerting, custom filtering, more events

  • API-Based Authentication Define API keys, assign them to groups and manage them centrally

  • Simplified query builder permissions Cleaner working model. Includes paid-only improvements.

  • Search improvements Better filters to find what you’re looking for

  • Move visualization improvements Trend charts, combo stacked bars, moving averages, best fit lines, and more

  • Dynamic goals Define goals using other questions

  • Dashboard tab improvements Tab-bound filters, move cards between tabs, and more

  • CSV Upload improvements Append to existing uploads, manage uploaded tables and more. Some paid, some free functionality.

  • Improved embedding onboarding Quicker to get to an embedding proof of concept

  • Revamped Browse Data Make it easier to find relevant data, especially models, with a better design and actionable metadata


Planned for the next release or two.

  • Code-based workflows Manage your key entities in Metabase using git, code reviews and more

  • SCIM Even simpler user management via SAML

  • Metrics 2.0 Build Metrics from models, make them available in collections and ensure everyone is using the same definition.

  • Model improvements Faster UX, foreign key mapping, custom filter values

  • Parameterize date granularity Control group by granularity via dashboard filters, to write fewer queries

  • Visual custom expressions Do things like string extraction, concatenation and basic calculations without writing any formulas

  • Pivot table improvements Better UI, pivoted downloads and more

  • Actions in more databases According to user requests

  • Organization model revamp Fewer orphan saved questions, easier to find things


Coming in the next 6 months or so.

  • Action audit logs Know who did what, when

  • JSON records in more DBs BigQuery, Snowflake, Redshift and more

  • New Action Types Email Actions, Chained Actions, Actions from Alerts

  • Multi-level schema support

  • Fine-grained action permissions Control who can do what

  • Static card parameters Hardcode parameters for individual questions in dashboards

  • Databricks Driver

  • Embedding React SDK Get embedding up-and-running even faster

  • Improvements to custom filter values Key/value pairs and more flexibility

Keep in mind these are non-exhaustive plans and subject to change. Plans are always clearer for the near future than far out.
Features may not be available in all plans.

Recently Shipped

For details about each release, see our release notes.

0.47 Region Selection in Cloud : Pick where to host your Metabase Cloud instance
0.47 Warehouse-side row-level permissions : Move permission management to your DW by letting Metabase pass user information
0.47 CSV Uploads : Yup, upload and analyze away
0.47 Export Dashboard to PDFs : Just click download on the app
0.47 Entity search : Find items in your database (like a customer record) from Metabase search
0.47 Custom homepage : Design your homepage as a dashboard + better building blocks
0.47 X-Ray Models : Automagic dashboards from your curated data sources
0.47 Dashboard improvements : Tabs, Finer grid, support for smaller cards, link card, images and more
0.46 See SQL for parameterized queries : Understand the generated SQL for easier debugging
0.46 Implicit database actions : Automatically generate and update CRUD actions
0.46 Custom dashboard filter values : Define your list manually or pulling from a question
0.46 Download chart as image : From XLS and CSV to PNG, OMG
0.46 Public forms : Share Metabase-hosted forms to gather data like NPS or satisfaction surveys, then analyze it.
0.46 Model detail page : See everything about a model (including where it’s used) from one place
0.46 Database Actions : Add buttons to dashboards and other parts of Metabase to write back to your database. Postgres and MySQL to start.
0.46 Sync/Scan optimizations : Reduced load (and cost) when Metabase understands your table structure, with specific improvements for Snowflake, BigQuery and document-based DBs
0.46 Major MongoDB Merrymaking : Huge improvements in support for features like joins, models, custom expressions and more
0.46 Individual record visualization : Great for operational dashboards
0.45 Easy date comparisons : Simplified comparisons over different timeframes
0.45 Arabic localization : سلام
0.45 Load Metabase from a config file : Staging/Prod environments or when using instances on a per-customer bais
0.45 Granular timezone controls : Transform timezones confidently. Plus a lot of date-related custom expressions niceties.
0.45 Athena Driver
0.45 Better static visualizations : Charts in emails and Slack which look more like the app
0.45 Revamped Serialization : Unique IDs, selective serialization, hidden secrets and more
0.45 Prometheus metrics export
0.45 Visualization improvements : Funnel step reordering, cleaner settings UI, better visual polish and more
0.44 Model caching : Improve performance by automatically writing the models you create in Metabase into your data warehouse – no pipeline needed.
0.44 Custom domains in Cloud : Bring your own domain name for your Metabase Cloud instance
0.44 Improved filtering experience : More fluid UI, aware of what you’re filtering
0.44 Change reply-to headers in Alerts and Dashboard Subscriptions
0.44 Redesigned headers and action menus : Easier to act on questions, dashboards and more
0.44 More chart colors : Twenty-four!
0.44 Client-side SSL support in MongoDB and Presto
0.44 Forced session timeouts : To ensure compliance
0.44 Faster and lighter field values processes : Reduced load on your data warehouse
0.44 {{field_values} in text cards : For more interactive dashboards
0.44 More embedding customization : Custom fonts, custom colors, locale definition and more
0.43 Redesigned home page : Better wayfinding and quicker access to relevant content
0.43 Personal bookmarks : Bookmark the items you use most often to get to them quickly.
0.43 Feature-level permissions : Control access to certain admin function, data downloads and more
0.43 Event annotations : Annotate your visualizations with relevant events, share and manage them throughout your instance
0.43 JSON records in PostgreSQL, BigQuery and more : Use JSON records (flat objects) for display, filtering and grouping
0.43 Selective sync for more DBs : Postgres, Redshift, Snowflake and, as previously supported, BigQuery.
0.43 Revamped date/time filtering : Relative dates, simpler UI and more
0.42 Create and curate models : Define metadata-rich data models with data and calculations from multiple tables
0.42 Refactored Slack integration : Using more current APIs and easier to set up
0.42 Google Sheets via BigQuery : Use native BigQuery functionality to view Sheets in Metabase
0.42 Redesigned collections : Easier to find what matters and nicer on the eyes
0.42 Selective schema sync : Include/exclude the schemas to include in Metabase. Initially for BigQuery only.
0.42 Revamped Custom Columns Editor : Better suggestions, interactivity, UI and new functions.
0.41 New BigQuery Driver : Faster, more performant and enables access to public datasets
0.41 Redesigned permissions and Block Permission : A more scalable UI and a new permission for secure environments
0.41 Honor formatting in data downloads : Making CSVs, XLSXs and JSON file look as much like in-app tables as possible
0.41 Official collections and verified questions : Mark "blessed" items as such to make them easier to find and rely upon
0.41 Tools to find and fix broken questions : Find frequently seen broken questions from a central place and go fix them
0.41 Granular cache controls : Define result cache duration for questions, dashboards and databases.
0.41 Revamped Subscriptions and Alerts : Better visualizations, new templates, easy unsubscribe, domain allow-listing