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Metabase 0.15

A Leap Forward

Sameer Al-Sakran Portrait Sameer Al-Sakran · Feb 29, 2016 · 1 min read
In this release

Continuing Metabase’s proud quadrennial tradition of releasing a version on Feb 29th, we bring you v0.15!

In this release, like in our previous releases, we listened to what you, our community, asked for.

Multi-series Charting

Multiseries This is the big one in the batch, with over 20 people chiming in to request it. You now have the ability to combine multiple series onto a chart on a dashboard. These can be from the same table, multiple tables in a single database or questions from different databases. Use this to compare time series, create funnel diagrams, and much more.

Better Dashboards and Charts

As part of our charting refresh, we’ve also improved dashboard layout, made charts better looking and provide more consistent rendering of charts. We’ve also added the ability to add a question to a dashboard directly from the query builder when you find that perfect chart for your dashboard and want to keep tabs on it before you forget.

Pulses can now be scheduled monthly, in addition to daily or weekly.

Support for Google BigQuery

Hot on the heels of Redshift and Druid, we’ve added a BiqQuery connector for those who are trying to get everyone in their company access to large data sets. BigQuery is Google Compute’s fully managed data warehouse, lightening fast and capable of storing ginormous amounts of data.

Streamlined Question-editing

We’ve made editing saved questions and dashboard cards more intuitive while still making it easy for your unsophisticated users to use saved questions as a starting point for their own ad hoc questions.

Querying Improvements

There is now full support for GUI date/time controls on Mongo as well as new options for filtering strings in the query builder: contains, does-not-contain, starts-with, ends-with.

In addition, we’ve fixed pretty much all of our open bugs (47!). Diligent little scamps that you, our users, are - I’m sure you’ll find new ones!

You can download the new version of Metabase at metabase.com/start.

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