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Metabase 0.18

Summer's Here

Sameer Al-Sakran Portrait Sameer Al-Sakran · Jun 20, 2016 · 2 min read
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Summer is here! That means it’s time to break out the sandals, fire up the grill, stock up on sunscreen and upgrade to the latest version of Metabase. In this month’s installment, we bring you lots of features that will make you the star of your company’s next BBQ.

Dashboard filters

You’ve asked. We’ve delivered. Now you can add a filter to a dashboard. Want to have a KPI dashboard where users can filter down to the last 7 or 30 days? Want to be able to see KPIs by country? Want to have a dashboard for an individual account? Now you can! 😍

Dashboard filters in action

Admin checklist

While we strive to make Metabase as simple as possible, it’s not always obvious what you should do as an administrator to improve the experience of the users of your Metabase instance. We’ll now give you suggestions based on your company’s usage patterns on what you can do to make Metabase more effective.

Crate driver

Crate is an open source SQL database that is super easy to use and scale. If you want a lightning-fast database for ingesting and analyzing large amounts of data, check out Crate’s Post about Metabase.

Converting GUI queries → SQL

Sometimes, as the things you measure get more complicated, you will find a need to extend a query using raw SQL. Now you’ll be able to take a saved question you built using our GUI and transform it into a SQL query you can edit and extend.

Prepending SQL comments

When you’re trying to hunt down expensive queries it can be useful to know which user or query is responsible. Metabase now prepends a comment with information about who started the query to every query it runs on your data warehouse.

Supporting PostgreSQL materialized views

If you’re using PostgreSQL materialized views to pull together more useful formats for heavily used tables in your database, we now directly support those.

Mongo and Druid native queries

We’ve had lots of requests from our users who run reports on Mongo or Druid databases to provide the ability to run handwritten queries. You can now do that, the same way you run raw SQL queries!

Automatically hiding framework tables

If you’re not doing a ton of data cleaning on your database, chances are you have tables lying around that aren’t relevant to most users of your company’s Metabase instance. Metabase will now try to hide any tables it sees that match the tables generated by common web frameworks (like Django and Ruby on Rails). That will be one less thing you need to do to get set up!

Lots of other small improvements and bug fixes. Check out our github issues for the full list.

With love, the Metabase Team

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