A tour of Metabase for beginners

· 60 minutes


About this event

Thinking about using Metabase? Just signed up for a demo and have questions? This is the place for you.

We'll cover everything you need to get up and running, walking you through getting your instance set up, all the way into your first steps exploring data. Then we'll take questions from the audience and dive into some of the more advanced things you can do with Metabase.

This event's perfect for people who are new to Metabase or have recently started using it.

Specifically, we'll cover:
  1. Deploying Metabase, either through self-hosted deployments, or on Cloud
  2. Getting your instance connected to a data source
  3. Building your first queries, either with the visual query builder or the native SQL editor
  4. Turning your queries into visualizations and publishing them with dashboards
  5. Building advanced dashboard interactivity
  6. Turning your queries into Models that can help others self-serve
  7. Best practices for organizing your Metabase instance for growing teams
  8. Embedding Metabase in your own applications.


Pierina Salinas

Pierina Salinas

Product Advocate, Metabase

Pierina is a Product Advocate at Metabase, assisting future customers and users in unlocking the full potential of their data stack. Previously, she was Head of Operations at AmigoCloud and Academic Product Manager at Crack The Code, enhancing data-driven decisions and user retention. In her spare time, she actively participates in entrepreneurial events and startup competitions.

Luis Paolini

Luis Paolini

Success Engineer, Metabase

Luis is helping customers to be successful with Metabase on top of their data stack. Previously Head of Data at Drixit Technologies and Data Engineering Lead at MURAL. In his spare time, he teaches Cloud architecture and CS at the Tech Institute of Buenos Aires (ITBA).