How we turned EURO 2024 data into a cool visualization project

· 60 minutes


About this event

Curious about how to visualize data in Metabase from scratch?

This year, EURO 2024 set a new record for the fastest goal ever scored in a European Championship match! We wanted to take a closer look at the championship, so we dug into the data, ran some analysis, and created a real-time monitoring dashboard in Metabase.

In this webinar, we’ll walk you through each step of this project. Join us live if you want to learn how to perform a data visualization project in Metabase from scratch. We’ll also open source a code we used to get the data so you can follow the same steps and create your own project.

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Thomas Schmidt

Thomas Schmidt

Analytics Engineer, Metabase

Thomas Schmidt is an Analytics Engineer at Metabase with previous data science roles at Shopify and DeepL. He excels in data modeling, analytics, and storytelling, with expertise in various programming languages and cloud computing.