Data Modeling with Metabase

· 60 minutes


About this event

In this webinar we covered:

  1. Understanding data modeling: the basics and importance of data modeling.
  2. Models as building blocks: what are models in Metabase, when to use them or run an ETL job to create a model in your database?
  3. Deep dive into data modeling with Metabase: step-by-step processes for creating, using, and optimizing models in Metabase.
  4. Best practices for data modeling: tips and strategies for better data integrity and performance.

This webinar is perfect for anyone using Metabase who wants to leverage data modeling to enhance data handling and performance. Feel free to invite colleagues who might benefit from this session as well.

Join live to interact with our Customer Success Engineer, Jacob, and have your specific questions answered in real time.

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Jacob Joseph

Jacob Joseph

Success Engineer, Metabase

Jacob is a Success Engineer at Metabase. He helps our customers by guiding them on how to get data from all the various places it lives, transform it into useful shapes, or to convert their questions and basically design Metabase and everything around it to work at it best.