Metabase usage analytics — what happens inside your instance

· 60 minutes


About this event

Want to understand how people are using your Metabase?

The Metabase Analytics collection is a special collection that contains view-only questions, dashboards, and models to help you understand how people are using your Metabase.

This webinar is relevant for Metabase instance admins and focuses on simplifying Metabase analytics.

During this event Luis covered:
  1. The importance of having control over your instance.
  2. Overview of basic tracking functionality and Metabase Analytics.
  3. Understanding usage: Understand how people use your Metabase (e.g., new questions, most active people and groups, and so on).
  4. Auditing activity: Know who viewed or did what and when, including tracking dashboard and question views, queries, downloads, and other activity like changing settings or inviting people to your Metabase.
  5. Improving operations: Know the slowest dashboards and questions, how your databases are performing, who’s consuming the most resources, and so on.


Luis Paolini

Luis Paolini

Success Engineer, Metabase

Luis is helping customers to be successful with Metabase on top of their data stack. Previously Head of Data at Drixit Technologies and Data Engineering Lead at MURAL. In his spare time, he teaches Cloud architecture and CS at the Tech Institute of Buenos Aires (ITBA).