A tour of Metabase - advanced

· 60 minutes


About this event

Join Success Engineer Luis Paolini as he shows you around advanced use cases with Metabase. This event will be valuable for people who already use Metabase, but want to deepen their knowledge.

During this event, we will cover:
  1. Metabase API: Building scripts to automate Metabase
  2. Caching query results
  3. Building models in Metabase
  4. Data permissions: Sandboxing and impersonation

Feel free to share what else you'd like to learn here.

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Luis Paolini

Luis Paolini

Success Engineer, Metabase

Luis is helping customers to be successful with Metabase on top of their data stack. Previously Head of Data at Drixit Technologies and Data Engineering Lead at MURAL. In his spare time, he teaches Cloud architecture and CS at the Tech Institute of Buenos Aires (ITBA).