Horror data stories in startups and how to avoid them

· 45 minutes


About this event

On October 20, 2023 we met with Ali Baghshomali, an experienced data consultant from Mentat Analytics, and Amogh Sarda, co-founder of Eesel to talk about common scary data stories that could happen to a startup.


Amogh Sarda

Amogh Sarda

Co-founder of Eesel


Ali Baghshomali

Ali Baghshomali

Founder, Mentata Analytics

Ali is a founder of Mentat Analytics, an analytics consulting agency, and a Metabase Expert specializing in high-growth startups. He is also the creator of Product Analytics Academy, which offers a product analytics course for product managers. He previously worked at Bird and BuzzFeed.


In this event, Amogh Sarda, co-founder of Eesel, Ali Baghshomali, creator of Product Analytics Academy and founder of Mentat Analytics discuss real stories from their startup journey and ways you can avoid common pitfalls with Cynthia Balusek,VP of Success Engineering at Metabase.

See the full recording for stories like Amogh’s experience with Easel’s implementation of event tracking, how a simple rename of a project led to missing data, and how they engineered a solution to overcome the problem. Ali also gives a rough sense of when to consider different analytics strategies based on the number of users as you scale.

We have a full breakdown of this event available in our Halloween Edition: Data horror stories in startups blog post.