About Mentat Analytics

Mentat is a consulting agency providing a wide range of analytics services including business intelligence and data engineering. Most of their clients are startups building out their data team and stack. Whether you want to build a data stack from scratch or upgrade your existing one, they are the perfect partner to help you get to what you need quickly and at a low cost.

If you need data help, but don’t have a data team yet, Mentat Analytics is here for you. They can help you even if you’re not sure what questions to ask or how to take your first step when it comes to getting answers. Likewise, if you have a data stack in place but want to take it to the next level, Mentat Analytics got you covered: their experienced staff can sort out issues like incorrect data, slow queries, and confusing metrics.

How Mentat Analytics can help

Mentat Analytics is a boutique agency that will give you the attention you deserve, and can help you with your entire spectrum of analytics needs. Their clients have ranged from 2-person startups to organizations with over $100M in funding.

During this time, Mentat Analytics has received exclusively 5-star reviews for every service they have provided.

Some of the ways Mentat Analytics can help you:

  • Build Metabase dashboards to monitor your KPIs.
  • Improve the speed and performance of existing dashboards.
  • Move dashboards from other BI tools (Looker, Tableau, etc.) over to Metabase.
  • Visualize your product, marketing, and business performance all in one place.
  • Train your team to become Metabase experts.
  • Set up a Modern Data Stack: data warehouse, ETL, data modeling, and business intelligence.
  • Work with your existing analytics tools like Mixpanel, Segment, Amplitude, dbt, Redshift, Google Analytics, and more.

Clients' reviews

Issac Ungo, Data Analyst - Liquidity Financial

Mentat helped us build a Modern Data Stack from scratch, including a data warehouse, DBT, and Metabase. In addition to setting up the whole system, they provided training for our team in how to use Metabase to answer our most pressing questions.

Hudson Lofchie, Head Of Product - Duffl

Ali did an audit of our entire data stack including Metabase and found lots of opportunities for improvement, both in how we used Metabase itself and in the tools and processes we needed to add to the rest of our stack. It helped us plan ahead for the future of our data team and address its immediate problems.

Nishant Nayudu, Head Of Infrastructure - Shrimpy

We worked with Mentat Analytics to upgrade our data stack. They identified the right tools for our company to save costs, then implemented a data warehouse and Metabase. Once the tools were implemented, they built Metabase dashboards and reports answering our key questions in a way that we hadn't been able to do before. It was really impactful and saved us lots of time and resources.