Metabase licenses and terms of service

Here are the main licenses of note.

Metabase Open Source Edition

GNU Affero General Public License (AGPL)

The Metabase Open Source Edition is offered under the AGPL.

If you want to use the code, you must abide by the AGPL.

If you want to embed iframes in your application, you can do it in one of the following ways:

Though Metabase Enterprise Edition is source available, without the commercial license, you can’t use any of the Enterprise features, like interactive embedding, data sandboxing, auditing, or SSO with SAML or JWT. For a list of premium features, see our pricing page.

Metabase Enterprise Edition

Metabase Commercial Software License

Metabase Enterprise Edition binaries are released under our Metabase Commercial Software License. The MCSL applies to all of the packages in Metabase Enterprise Edition, though which Enterprise functionality you have access to depends on the package you purchase.

Metabase Cloud

Hosting terms of service

The Hosting terms of service applies to all Metabase Cloud customers.


Premium embedding license (Legacy)

Our Premium Embedding License allows you to remove the “Powered by Metabase” logo on embedded questions and dashboards without making the embedding application subject to the AGPL.

Contributors to the Metabase codebase

Individual Contributor License Agreement

Contributors to the Metabase codebase will need to sign this agreement.