How 173tech can help

173Tech will turn your data into a powerful growth engine.

173tech builds and optimizes your data stack, turning data into decisions that fuel growth efficiently. Everything 173tech does is customized to your organization, owned by you, and fully scalable.

Jumpstart your own modern analytics pipeline and surface valuable insights in Metabase

  • Data strategy. Translate your growth goals into standardised KPIs and measurable contributing factors, which are captured in your own data dictionary.
  • Data Infrastructure. Data tool stack and infrastructure recommendations tailored to your current and future needs. We will then set up your preferred choices.
  • Data Extraction. Automated extraction from any data source into your centralised data warehouse.
  • Data Modelling. Transform raw data into structured and easily-queryable business concepts guided by your data dictionary.
  • Reporting & Dashboards. Interactive and user-friendly Metabase reporting suites to help you track and analyse your business.

Marketing Analytics

  • Centralised cross-channel marketing spend.
  • Deterministic and probabilistic marketing attribution.
  • Campaign long-term ROI by connecting first-party data.
  • Automated marketing performance dashboard in Metabase.
  • Automated Slack or email alerts via Metabase on campaign ROI, marginal CPA and any marketing KPIs tailored to the needs of your marketing team.

High-ROI Data Science Projects

  • Customer Lifetime Value (LTV) Prediction.
  • Retention / Churn Propensity.
  • Dynamic Customer Segmentation.
  • Natural Language Processing (NLP).

About 173tech

173tech is an analytics agency helping companies of all stages turn data into powerful growth engines. They specialise in building robust data pipelines, supporting product and marketing analytics, and creating easily-digestible dashboards for all teams. They cover the entire analytics pipeline from data architecture, engineering, reporting, analysis and advanced data science algorithms.

Clients' reviews

Caroline H., Head of Strategy & Product, Heroes

173tech were invaluable to us as we set up our core data infrastructure and created a suite of dashboards in Metabase, which are easy to digest and explore further by our brand managers. With their expertise and help, we were able to build our knowledge base and streamline our operations.

Adam Symons, Head of Product, Heights

Working with 173tech is a dream. The team speak in plain English and are driven by delivering exactly what's most powerful for us as a business. They feel like an extension of our team, not an agency. In terms of what they've built for us, it's lightweight, low cost to maintain, ultra-reliable and has allowed us to unite the team around a core (but large) set of metrics in Metabase that are the beating heart of our business.

Jan Tillmann, VP Operations, elopage

T173tech were basically a full part of our team from day one. Not a single deadline has been missed. They helped us organise our data quickly and surface valuable business insights with interactive and user-friendly dashboards in Metabase.

JClaire Stott, Lead Analyst, MUBI.

T173tech got our analytics function kick-started which enabled us to build out our team for the first time. They optimised data models to support our leadership dashboard in Metabase and created additional deep-dive reporting to highlight the growing trends of our members.

Jack Rogers, Co-Founder, Picnic

The team at 173tech really are the best in the business. We’re planning another project together very soon to get more value from our data and growth insights in Metabase. We are delighted to have their support at every turn!